Lawsuit Funding America assists plaintiffs in cases that are waiting on settlements get funding for their lawsuit. Our solutions for financing make individuals in cases that need immediate cash possible, some within 24-48 hours. Many simply cannot afford to pay for thousands in attorney fees, none the less be able to pay everyday bills, especially when injured, out of work, or have been fired from a job due to the circumstances involving the lawsuit. If this sounds like the situation you are in and you are waiting to get a settlement, then we are your solution.

We make it simple, quick, and hassle free for our clients to apply for our financing  that only require the case documents, and a conversation with the plaintiffs attorney to verify the details of the case. The most attractive part about our lawsuit funding solutions is that if the case ends up being lost, there will be no money owed back. We evaluate each case, and if approved this means that we think your lawsuit is very strong and that we think you and your legal counsel have a great chance at getting the settlement you are trying to receive.

lawsuit funding and financing from Lawsuit Funding America
Lawsuit Funding America will get you the funds you need to get you through until you get your settlement.

We are America’s premier lawsuit settlement funding company and we strongly believe in our services and stand by them. We give financing for an extensive variety of lawsuits and don’t limit ourselves like most firms to do only working with specific cases. We evaluate each and every case and if we are able to help, we will. A lawsuit is filed in the United States of America every few seconds, and in the current economy that we are in many cannot afford to pay to fund lawsuits that can cost in the tens of thousands.

To apply for lawsuit financing on your settlement please fill out the contact form or contact Lawsuit Funding America directly at our toll free number. Don’t wait until it is too late, we are here with the solution that you need to prosper in hard times.